Apprendre le Français chez le professeur

ACCENT de FRANCE SEJOUR Linguistique 17

French immersion courses : Who can Participate

Anyone with at least Level 1 of the elementary stage defined by the Council of Europe. (see description below for you to self-evaluate) *.
Beginners or false beginners can not take advantage of education in the form practiced in the context of courses offered.
A minimum requirement is necessary to effectively integrate into the group. Courses being short duration, beginners can be accommodated.
You can register individually or choose to come to two or more (couple, family, friends ...). The fact of knowing does not interfere with the training provided if you follow the instruction: "All language exchange is in French". If you want to come with family, discount will be offered see tariff.  Children are the responsibility of their parents and will be able to participate in the proposed activities without disturbing (this excludes the very young children because no specific framework can be offered).
The business trainees will now make requests to their corresponding training courses, see : Types of courses.
* Pre-requisites required "any person able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions and simple sentences designed to satisfy simple and concrete needs.

Must be able to attend, and ask a person questions concerning ex: name, place of residence etc..

Must be able to communicate in a simple way if the person talks slowly and clearly in a
cooperative mode. "(A1: defined by the framework of the Council of Europe)



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