Apprendre le Français chez le professeur

ACCENT de FRANCE SEJOUR Linguistique 17

PEDAGOGY ACTIVITIES : French immersion courses at Teacher's home

The proposed pedagogy is based on the oral practice, however, depending on the type of course chosen, sequences of practice will be proposed in writing (support spelling, grammar, formation of specific reference language etc..)

Courses room



The program each day based on the type of course and demand of students is presented and carefully prepared in teaching room.

All trainees will have the opportunity to share a slice of life in the company of teachers: breakfast, dinner, theme parties, educational outings.
All will also receive educational activities indoors at the teaching place , these activities will be flexible depending on the courses that reflect the level of trainees and their needs - that, need to properly inform the questionnaire-registration.
Sequences of initiation to French conversation by setting up role plays, use of annotated video material, the roundtables, etc.. will be offered each day.



Cultural visits, supervised by trainers allow everyone to build vocabulary vividly; for example : visiting a "museum of old shops" will meet with the objects of everyday life "set position" promoting and memorizing their names. Those who wish, can build up a vocabulary list. (materials supplied)

Some examples of commented tours :
A fleet of Marennes Oléron oyster, a traditional shipyard, house museum of a famous local writer "Maison de Pierre Loti" ... But also discovered in hiking wildlife and local flora ( weather permitting), purchasing food on a street market and visits to fish halls. Go to: "Day themed cooking". This day will end with the joint preparation of a meal to enjoy once: this activity will combine the learning of knowledge and say.

Falaises de Royan

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