Apprendre le Français chez le professeur

ACCENT de FRANCE SEJOUR linguistique 17

French immersion courses : Special Young

Special training young
Young trainees are received at the client's family, housed in single rooms.



They have courses on site and are permanently supervised, including outdoor activities during field trips and cultural visits.

Attractive program combines intensive language correctly and playful learning methods (role playing, simulations of effective communication etc ...)
Every day, excursions allow students to discover the cultural and tourism in the region. In addition to the pleasure of intercultural exchange these internships offer young people the opportunity for discovery of "French way of life" in a secure middle : students are part of the family throughout the course.

All-inclusive : Transfer from place of arrival (station or airport), accommodation, meals, travel, tours and excursions.


Number of trainees per session : 2 to 6 (same age and same level),
the manor and coaching them entirely devoted.

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