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Learning french in France : Type of Courses

Special training young
Young trainees are received at the client's family, housed in single rooms. They have courses on site and are permanently supervised, including outdoor activities during field trips and cultural visits. Attractive program combines intensive language correctly and playful learning methods (role playing, simulations of effective communication etc ...)

Every day, excursions allow students to discover the cultural and tourism in the region.
In addition to the pleasure of intercultural exchange these internships offer young people the opportunity for discovery of " French way of life" in a secure middle: students are part of the family throughout the course.

All-inclusive : Transfer from place of arrival (station or airport), accommodation, meals, travel, tours and excursions.

Number of trainees per session : 2 to 6 (same age and same level), the manor and coaching them entirely devoted.


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Francophiles living adults
Want to live an active holiday, combining relaxation and learning: it is living up to your expectations. Whether you come alone, with friends or family, you will improve your practice conversational French while discovering the cultural and touristic wealth in a true terror at a pace you choose:

Option A : Favouring the appearance relaxing and festive holiday while applying practical corrected language. Every moment of life shared is a source of learning : during learning activities, time of meals, excursions, theme parties ...

Option B : More about the intensive language acquisition. This package includes 15 hours per week preparing classroom and more excursions.

All inclusive : Transfer from place of arrival (station or airport), accommodation, meals, travel, tours and excursions.

Number of adults per session : 6 maximum, the manor and their leadership are completely dedicated.


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Stay for seniors
Formula : "It is good to Living in the French"
Stay active holiday emphasizing the aspect relaxing festive and cultural visits. The emphasis is on the discovery of gastronomic riches of our region (an introductory course in French cuisine is included).
These visits not only allow a privileged encounter with a French family (to understand the lifestyle by sharing it), but also to meet and talk with other people from different countries and backgrounds.
These moments of sharing are sources of opening to the world and enrichment cultures.

All Inclusive : Transfer from place of arrival (station or airport), accommodation, meals, travel, tours and excursions.

Number of seniors per session : 6 maximum, the manor and coaching them entirely devoted.


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Family Stay
There are special trips for families from three people.
These trips are based on the previous three by focusing more specifically one or the other aspects : linguistics, tourism, culture, entertainment and fine dining and this, according to your request.
In this case, the number of participants from the same family can vary from 3 to 6 people
(taking into account the fact that the mansion has only 4 bedrooms : three doubles and one triple), the manor and coaching is entirely devoted to the family.

All-inclusive : Transfer from place of arrival (station or airport), accommodation, meals, travel, tours and excursions.

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Living for residents :
For those who live in France and want to improve their knowledge of the French language to better everyday life (work or personal life), short courses (3 days) can be considered to meet their expectations. Possible long weekend.

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Specific training courses options thougth for companies needs. You can choose between one to one course, binomial course (2 trainees and a teatcher), or small class (3 to 5 trainees).

 We bilt with your collaboration a specific training course summary according to your own specific goal. For example : phonning training, public reception, linguistic directories constitution and specific vocabulary acquisition, etc...

For more specific and technical training courses, our french national education certified teatcher collaborates with some specialists in the interested branch. This way, you wil get the best quality service !

Those options are focused on intensive french speech learning in classroom but still keep some pedagogical activities. This way, trainees can improve their skills in real life situations and develop their vocabulary.

You can ask for writing course too. Those courses are based on a unique and efficient audio-visual method. Beware, as we want to give you a real benefit, those courses are available for at least 2 weeks stays.

Thoses buseness dedicated sessions needs a stong preparation so be eware that your program elaboration takes time. Please contact us with a coherent delay before your stay.

Contact us now to elaborate your own training courses summary and give your employees the keys for success !

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